Názory uživatelů na libxr

Hi Ondrej,

I recently discovered libxr while looking for a good RPC library. So far, it looks vastly superior to other libraries I've found, and I thank you for releasing it under the LGPL.


Thanks. Tony

…a jejího autora po opuštění „pozice“ správce knihovny. :-D

Hi, I am really surprised with the message of your leaving. It sounds like a dream – since I never expect this would happen.

I wrote this Email to offer my personal thanks for your everlasting kind help from 0.9.10 to the cutting-edge 0.9.97. Also, personally, I even thought of creating a photo with all the signatures of our team members, and send it to you.

I am sorry that I am occupied by the development work and didn't spare anytime to implement the Guile Scheme bindings for libxr. I just believe that you will always be there I can do it later.

Thanks a million and best wishes.